Triple Screw Pumps

The Plenty Mirrlees TRIRO pump is of the positive displacement axial flow screw type with only three moving parts - a power rotor and two idler rotors. These three rotors (hence the brand name TRIRO) have accurately machined precisely intermeshing threads which enfold the liquid being  pumped and act as seals in relation to each other and to the pump body or sleeve in which they rotate.

Designed for pumping oils the Triro pump has an axial pulse free flow and silent operation for sensitive forced lubrication, seal oil circulation and oil firing systems. Pumps are available in 17 frame sizes with various pitch  angles and lengths offering a wide flow and pressure range. Units are available from a low cost cast iron pedestal mounted version to high pressure steel cased pumps for API 614 systems. Pumps are also available in the popular tank top mounting arrangement for space saving on lube oil consoles, and vertical deck mounting for marine and other space saving transfer duties.

Typical Product Applications

The Triro range is designed for medium pressure high flow applications on clean liquids.

  • Forced Lubrication: Major rotating machine bearings
  • Seal Oil Circulation: Compressor labyrinth seals
  • Fuel Oil Firing: boilers, kilns etc
  • Lube Oil Transfer
  • Fuel Oil Transfer
  • Orimulsion Transfer and Firing Scavenging
  • Fuel Oil Pumping and Heating Sets
  • Duplex Pump and Filter Sets
  • Rail/Road Car Loading and Unloading
  • Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Watertight Door Operation
  • Elevator / Lift Pumps
  • Variable Pitch Propeller Control
  • Bitumen Production and Loading Fats Transfer
  • Viscose Production

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